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Avocodo is part of PIERER Mobility AG, the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. With our offices in Austria and a highly effective network in Eastern Europe, we have created the perfect infrastructure, to supply you with cost-efficient and high quality software and IT-solutions. Our expertise is at your disposal.

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Avocodo thrives on your success. We live and breathe technology. Your deliverables are ours. Find out more about our competitive rates. Get in touch with us regarding your first free sprints. Benefit from a truly agile approach and let our engineers do the magic for you.

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Managing Directors

Rainer Lischka
Dr. Rainer Lischka
Managing Director
Andreas Krifka
Mag. Andreas Krifka
Managing Director
Dietmar Schinnerl
Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Schinnerl
Technical Director
Dr. Rainer Lischka

After finishing his Informatics degree at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Rainer Lischka accepted a position as a University Assistant and wrote his dissertation on Web-Server-Extensions. In 1998 he started his business, which was joined the following year by his partner Dietmar Schinnerl and had been named WebDynamite. Both directors founded the subcontractor lizenzfrei in 2003, which was dealing with Open Source technolgies. In 2014 Webdynamite has been fused with Baltic Minds to AVOCODO and integrated into Pierer Industrie AG in 2018.

Mag. Andreas Krifka

Already whilst studying economics at the Universities of Innsbruck and Linz Andreas Krifka accomplished various internships in the financial department of KTM AG. He started his professional career in the department of subsidiary controlling at PIERER Mobility AG, where as part of his job he has become the business administration manager of AGM Durmont Austria GmbH and subsequently was working as the CEO of said company since April 2015. In September 2016 Andreas Krifka transferred to KTM Components GmbH, where initially he was working as a strategic project lead and in the timespan from November 2016 to June 2018 he was working as CFO and member of the board of directors. Since July 2018 Andreas Krifka has been assigned to the field of Business Development of Pierer Industries AG and as such has been CEO of ABATEC GmbH and AVOCODO GmbH.

Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Schinnerl

After graduating from technical college for electronics Dietmar Schinnerl pursued a degree in Informatics. During the course of writing his thesis, the first projects together with Rainer Lischka were realized. In 1999 both founded WebDynamite, first as an individual enterprise, which was changed into a LTD the following year. WebDynamite was turned into AVOCODO GmbH by a fusion and has been part of Pierer Industries AG since December 2018. Right from the start, Dietmar Schinnerl has been CTO and Mastermind behind many platforms for customers such as SONY or A1 and software products like WAPMail, Quizdome and mCRM.

Heinz Dobler Prof. Dr. Heinz Dobler
Prof. Dr. Heinz Dobler

Heinz Dobler studied Informatics at Johannes Kepler University Linz and received his doctorate degree at the Institute for Practical Informatics. His research was mainly centered around software-technologies and information systems, for which he published extensively. He has been appointed professor for Software Development at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg in 1995, member of numerous councils and head of the Bachelor degree program Software Engineering.

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